Featured Author D. A. Kelley

dakelleyDenise Ann Kelley (Pen name D. A. Kelley) is a freelance writer, who has written a number of short stories, poems and Christian plays. Denise has been a contributing author in several anthologies and has articles published in magazines. She is a lover of education and knowledge and has several certificates, degrees, licenses and diplomas. Denise is a member of the National Writing Month writing club, which aided in her completing Revenge: Sweet as Cain (Released December 2015, Got’cha Covered Publishing). She obtained a love for writing and reading at a young age and both are still her passions to this day.


Kelley’s Revenge: Sweet as Cain tells the story of Doctor Elissa Johnson, a bitter woman who has been through a lot. She sets out to find her biological parents and will stop at nothing until she finds them and those responsible for the life she was dealt.  On this quest for revenge, Elissa doesn’t suspect what she finds and being caught off guard just might cause her to rethink her original plan. Revenge: Sweet as Cain is available at Amazon.com and being added to more retail distributors.




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